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The Importance of Lifelong Learning
We live in the Knowledge Age, which means that the ability to apply the right knowledge effectively is an important skill and the cornerstone of our success. If you ever doubt the strength of knowledge and learning, just ask someone who hasn't used a computer in 10 years to find an article on the Internet.

Learning makes us more interesting. Knowledge enables a different perspective, fascinating conversation and a deeper understanding. It makes us better people; allows us to make better, informed decisions; and assists us in becoming more successful in our careers.

The advancement of technology has boosted the pace of our lives, and requires us to learn something new each day just to stay current in the workplace. Although on-the-job training is wonderful, you can't rely on your company to provide the necessary education. It's advantageous for everyone to make time for learning, seek out their own opportunities, use available resources wisely, and find new resources.

If you've decided to take a particular course of learning and apply it to your career, you have to be smart about what you're learning. When it comes to selecting a class or program, make sure that you're targeting your needs. Can the teachings of that class be applied to your life and the real world? Think about your current position and how it can be enhanced by additional coursework. Would the knowledge of a particular software package help? Or would an advanced degree increase your marketability?

Once you've identified what you need to know, decide how you're going to learn. Will you request a short training course or seek help from an institution?

Don't be discouraged by the perceived barriers to learning:

Time—"I'll never be able to fit classes into my busy schedule!"
Financial—"I can't afford the cost of tuition right now!"
Information—"I don't know where to start!"
Location—"The university is too far, and I don't like the academic environment."

These hindrances are not insurmountable. We make time for the important things; financial aid is always a possibility; talking to your colleagues or manager is a good start; and there are several alternatives to a traditional classroom environment.

The lack of knowledge prevents personal and professional growth, so it's important to commit to lifelong learning as a practice for eternal self-improvement.

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What It Takes to
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How to Get Recognized
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In Focus
What It Takes to Survive and Thrive in Today's Market
The Importance of Lifelong Learning
How to Get Recognized and Promoted
Knowing When It's Time to Move On

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